, European Metalworkers' Federation

, Essentially, we are studying top management's respect for social commitments since, in the case of restructuring

, Institutional investors (including American pension funds) are now part of many French companies share capital, 2002.

, International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers'Association. IUF is one of the 10 Global Union Federations

, we have used only a part of the collected data: documents produced by Accor Group management (available on Accor website) and interviews of French trade unionists, 2008.

, An IFA may be defined as an international agreement concluded by a multinational company and an international trade union organization. This is one of the results of a transnational social dialogue between social partners, p.117, 2006.

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, Protocole sur l'orientation des conditions de recours à des entreprises extérieures de nettoyage, 2002.

, Agence des Marchés Financiers, French independent agency in charge of financial markets

, Jacques Borel International was the European leader in catering and the restaurant ticketing world leader, 1982.

, One Accor manager is sometimes in charge of two or three hotels

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